Hi! I'm Mike Salcedo and I’m a Wedding videographer and photographer. I love my work and this is my passion.


FAQs for the Wedding Videographer

There is nothing complicated about ValveOn videography service. Our aim is to simplify it for our valued customers (read: you). If you have any questions, concept which isn’t clear or a wedding film style you want to know more about, we make sure to reach back out to you with answers. To cover some very basic ones, here goes ValveOn’s list of FAQs;

1. What is your approach to filming a wedding day?
It’s a collaborative approach between us and the client but the couple takes center stage. ValveOn team is keen in listening to customers’ suggestions and how they expect the wedding day would turn out to be. They are basically our directors. Once we have a good understanding of the look and feel based on their inputs, the rest is all about taking good angles, capturing remarkable moments and a great deal of technical skills to go about telling a story in moving pictures.

2. What is a Save the date film or a Same Day Edit?
Everybody loves movie trailers. Save the date video is a prelude to the full wedding film, a teaser complete with a release date (the big day). On the other hand, a Same Day Edit (SDE) aka Onsite Wedding Video is a short film shot during the entire day. It is edited and shown during reception. SDE, on average, runs a full duration of one song (about 3-4mins). Same Day Edit video is a more comprehensive layout of your story whereas Save the Date video serves as a brief yet exciting introduction.

It is especially interesting to have both in your wedding if you ask me. The footages are real and as natural as the emotion which comes along with making it.

3. How do you present yourselves on the wedding day?
We will come in our smart casual clothes and rubber shoes footwear – because we will be running around quite a bit – chasing highlights of your wedding day. ValveOn does not have a company uniform. No two wedding films we produce are alike, so neither do we.

4. Am I going to look good on my wedding video? What post process do you apply in order to achieve or capture the best in the video?
Definitely! Most of the processes and enhancements we do improve the overall look and feel of wedding film. Colors, like actions, move and even invoke emotions. It helps a lot especially how each scene or mood is presented, felt and celebrated during your wedding. Like every piece of artwork, every stroke and detail makes up the masterpiece. A good example is how a documentary film feels different than movies. Documentaries are more natural whereas movies are cinematic. Documentary style wedding film has all the element of being natural. Emotions burst as real time as when a scene is being shot. Pure and unprecedented.

5. How long will the final wedding video be?
Onsite wedding video is often a length of one song (3-4 minutes give or take) while Wedding Highlights Video usually runs for 45mins to an hour. Note that we are just referring to final edited videos. Our clients get a copy of raw footages provided they have a Mac-compatible hard drive with at least 100GB of free space. We give this freebie as an added value.

6. Can you explain or justify your wedding video rates and packages?
The investment and hard work we put in to ValveOn team is valuable. Like most things of value, it comes with cost. Our rates and packages validate guaranty and quality for a number of things at play (i.e., equipment, time, effort, talent and manpower skill). Your investment comes with a contract that gives you your money’s worth. What we always tell our couples is to check out wedding videos we shot previously and decide for themselves which package suits them and gives them value for money.

At the end of the day, you, too, would like to see where all that savings and effort go. ValveOn team is looking to give you fulfillment.

7. Can I use my own music?
Of course! It’s your wedding, your story and your music. However, we would appreciate if you give us a heads up or a list of songs we can use for the final video. It will certainly make things easier for all of us.

8. Do you accept pencil bookings?
Sorry we do not accept pencil bookings to avoid problems for future bookings/cancellations.

9. What makes you different from other video companies?
This is a good question! We really can’t speak for other companies out there doing similar work that we do. What we do know is we actually love our work and the impact its making to people we work for.

Our team members have daytime jobs. This is something we do out of passion. Its the same passion we put in every time we shoot weddings. Frankly speaking, the same one we think would make all of us successful. Oh and yeah – we are Pros.

10. What are the arrangements to fly you overseas to do our wedding?
This question is best answered in person or in email. We will be more than happy to shoot for you abroad or any part of the world you choose to tie the knot.

11. Do you require meals at the wedding day?
Even passionate artists need to be fed. We appreciate to receive packed meals as we know buffet tables are for the members of your guest list :) So yes, please feed us.

12. Do you have preferences with the photographers you work with?
No. We’re very adaptable and friendly.

13. Why does it take so long for the video to finish the editing process?
Reviewing all footages require a huge amount of time – especially with multi-camera setup. I don’t want to get very technical but believe you me, it’s worth the wait :)

14. Why do you call yourselves ValveOn?
The name came from my muse – she calls me Balbon. So, it should be pronounced as valve-on and not some french sounding name :P

Raymond & Ai Wedding Same Day Edit

ValveOn team’s just so fortunate to have Ai and Raymond on the first wedding video project for this year. So much cheerfulness and love goes around wherever they go which makes it so much easier to spot them. Not only that they are a very charming couple, they are also very easy to work with. What makes them enjoyable to be around is because they are genuinely good-natured people and they really took care of us.

In this video, they are attending not only a wedding ceremony but also a celebration of life , love and family. You see, Ai and Raymond is also a Mom and Dad to a charming little boy. They are blessed with a bond much stronger than marriage. A blessing of a beautiful family to hold and grow old with.

Ai and Raymond’s wedding is an extension of their everyday family life. Just watch the video and you’ll figure out why.

Best wishes to the lovely bride, handsome groom and to the most animated 2 year old boy we met!

C&C: Chito and Carol’s Wedding Same Day Edit

Like any other love story, theirs have gone through streams of failures, successes, discovery and celebration. In a movie where characters go through stages, Chito and Carol, too, walked past through struggles and challenges on their way to finding love. Then again, this is not just any other love story.

This is a story about looking to another person’s eyes and knowing you found not just love but also yourself.Chito and Carol belonged to each other as it ought to be from the start. At the wedding, they vowed to love and begin a life together as husband and wife.Unlike any other love story, theirs will not always be a happy-ever-after but a story of finding and never loosing.

Best wishes to the bride and groom!

C&C Save the Date

C&C Save The Date.

Special thanks to:

Allan Vargas – Events coordinator
Jude Erwin Lim – Photographer
Jay Calimlim – Photographer
Hohnen Cunanan – Technical Supervisor
Cel Sabile – MUA & Creative Styling
Rico Martin – Hair Styling

Credits to Manila Kingpin OST “Hari ng Tondo” by GLOC-9.

Guia + Gerard Same Day Edit

Set apart from today’s trend, Guia and Gerard’s wedding is one to be celebrated privately. Those who attended the wedding witnessed a chapter softly unfolding – calm and fitting – into one special turning point for the couple. Just perfect, I would say, for a bride and groom whose aim is to keep their private life as personal and exclusive as possible. Each moment during the wedding is as effortless as the next one. Even the wedding song “Cherish” sounded like the couple wrote it themselves.

The bride walks down the aisle with confidence and lovingly smiled at her groom who is waiting patiently. Here is a couple who decided to grow old together, to live with unbroken commitment to love and to care about each other deeply. Most importantly, to cherish each moment as if it was the first and knowing it will be the last too.

Best wishes to Guia and Gerard.

Grace + Paul Same Day Edit

Grace and Paul’s union is an expression of worship, celebration, and love. The whole event reflected joy, community, respect, and dignity which mirrors every Christian wedding ceremony. Each rite offered solemn moments of love and understanding between the couple.  During the wedding, you can see Grace and Paul taking time to praise and recognize God in every turn.

The love between them is as powerful as their faith  - grateful, hopeful and abiding. When Paul was asked how much he loves Grace, words did not seem enough to describe how much or for when his love for Grace actually ends. Overjoyed, the teary eyed bride assured to love Paul deeply until the very end.

Having the support and involvement of parents in the ceremony brings a special blessing to the couple and also expresses two families united as one. Friends and relatives took witness to welcome our newest Christian couple. We couldn’t count the faces who laughed, cried and cheered for Grace and Paul as I am sure no one could. Best wishes to Grace and Paul.

W+K Same Day Edit

Sentences are short and words are few to describe the love story of Kat and Wynx. Their love affair  seems like the perfect boy-meets-girl type of romance except it’s not all that perfect. The relationship has gone through a series of best and worst moments. Neither any of those moments were without a purpose nor kept them apart from each other. Alongside discovering themselves, they discovered they each cannot make it without the other.

You can see Kat cheering for Wynx, supporting him from start to finish, motivating, inspiring and lovingly holding his hands during quite times. Wynx, on the other hand, has always been the big man; comforting, understanding, a thorough-but-sensitive-critic to Kat, and her protective wall against all things which are harmful.

The wedding day celebrates the couple’s vow of loving each other despite all differences. You see, differences do not matter. Not to Kat and Wynx. They are perfect for each other and we all know it.

Best wishes to the beautiful bride and groom. We love you :)


TJ & Grace Same Day Edit

TJ and Grace put their wedding vows in writing. These vows were set in motion by celebrating a huge milestone. An event rife with joyous faces, heartfelt wishes and overwhelming love from family, friends and loved ones. It also turned out to be an ideal wedding shoot for a videographer. The wedding venue made an excellent backdrop and the day couldn’t be more perfect for exchanging these vows. We picked out a part of their vows, here goes;

Grace to TJ:
I’ll always be proud to be your companion, you best friend, your wife and your Grace.
I vow to always take care of you, to listen and talk to each other,
to share your happiness and be your strength through tough times.
I vow to love you unconditionally and be forever yours no matter what.

TJ to Grace:
People say that love is a choice… It’s a choice for companionship. A companionship that should stand the test, not of time but of life and of reality…should hold true during difficult moments and one that should not be abandoned in an instant.
As for when I’ve found you, I knew that time would lead us to this and I choose you – now, tomorrow, and the days after. No matter what.

In the video, TJ and Grace smiled brightly, radiant and content knowing they have found each other to love and to hold. The wedding is just a part of their grand plan. A lifetime of loving and being there for each other no matter what. A love built to last.

Reana@18 Same Day Edit

Today, Reana has come of age. The youngest among three daughters, Reana grew up to be a loving sister, sharing laughter and impossible-to-forget-memories with friends, a talented and graceful ballerina. Most of all, she has grown up to be a daughter any parent would be so proud of having.

Not too long ago, your Mom and Dad tickled your toes, wiped your chocolate covered face, carried you on their shoulders, made sure they’re beside you when your fever breaks, and kept you safe and warm.

They also showed you the stars and taught you how to reach them.

Happy birthday, Reana! We wish you a life full of surprises, enough challenges to make you even stronger and dreams strewn like stars in the night. May you reach the brightest of your stars.


Wedding Speech: Up Close and Personal

Picture this: Your bride looking radiant in front of you, all your loved ones, closest friends and family  (probably a few hundred of them) come to witness and celebrate your wedding. Tying the knot will not be as heartfelt without the vow to go along with and is usually the highlight of every wedding ceremony there is. It is customary for the groom (read: you) to be the first to say your speech. With your hand holding hers and the other one holding a microphone, what will you say?

I want to thank the Lord for the love and blessings. Today is the happiest day of my life. Thank you everyone here for coming. I want to thank my parents for bringing me up, and I also want to thank my bride’s parents for having brought up such a beautiful and most wonderful person I know. To my bride,  I promise to love you forever.

Too familiar? We’ve all heard the same speech in the past.

As a wedding videographer, I have heard too many vows and wedding speeches to know which ones exactly have a lasting impression.  Wedding vows which are not just touching but also memorable, funny and highly personalized; the types which also receive the most cheers from the audience. Here are 5 easy steps on writing your own wedding speech.

Be specific
Those who are present on your wedding are actually the people who matter and made a difference at some point in your life. They deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. Take your time, don’t haste. Avoid generalization such as “To ALL of you who have been with me all these years” or “Thank you ALL for the love and support shown”. They have names so mention them. Recognize their value in your life which led to this milestone. For instance, “To Jay, who has shared time and effort listening to my troubles over pints after pints of draft beer. To Mom who supported my every decision and Dad for believing I can make it.” Surely, there are many in the list you want to acknowledge. Just make sure to prioritize and keep your message personal. We’ve seen so many faces lit up when their names are mentioned during wedding speeches. Some are even bursting into tears, laughing, clapping, or smiling approvingly. These footages make up sensational wedding videos.

Question and Answer
Questions are immensely helpful to promote creativity. Answering them takes you to another level which is often dreamy and wild. Find sometime alone with pen and paper handy and start answering these questions;

  • What is the single greatest thing about the person you are going to marry?
  • When did you know that you were in love/ know that this person was the one you wanted to marry?
  • What does marriage mean to you? Why do you want to be a married person?
  • What is the most important thing you want to promise to your partner? What is the promise you most want to hear from them? (For instance, it might be really important to promise that you will always respect them.)
  • What will change about your relationship once you are married? What will stay the same?
  • What is your most favorite memory of your partner?

You may just choose to answer a few questions and weave over it.

Keep it short and sweet
Avoid writing a whole essay. A few paragraphs will do. It’s just 3 – 5 minutes speech. Don’t tell everyone at your wedding how loud she snores or how she chooses which underwear to wear. You may add a few of her quirks but keep it appropriate, tactful, sensitive  and sincere.

Put it down in writing
It will be best to prepare your speech in advance. Note key words or points you want to say. Don’t memorize. You might be busy with hundreds of little things on your wedding day and memory may not come as handy. Pass an extra copy of your speech to your best man in case you forget yours (trust me, it happens).

Once you’ve worked out your final version, practice reading it aloud. Stand in front of a mirror and speak. Practice till you become comfortable speaking. You may need a friend or two to provide feedback on your speech. However, keep in mind that the focus of your speech is to declare your love in front of the people at your wedding.  They came for you. Learn to relax, say your piece, be sincere and honest and words will flow naturally.

A good wedding videographer will  make sure your hard work not be spoiled. The best ones will capture it and cut out an excellent wedding video. One that is remarkably up close and personal.